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Zoe Organics is one of those brands where you think to yourself, “how did I live without this before?”


I discovered the line on Instagram over a year ago and recently had the pleasure of trying out their products myself. After reading countless recommendations I had to get my hands on some and I am so glad I did. Zoe Organics collection of skin, body and home products are some of the most pure you will find. They carefully select each raw ingredient,  formulate, blend and pour each product by hand. All of their premium raw ingredients are certified organic and are of the highest grade.

You can tell the high quality of the product when you put it on your skin. It just feels so good! My favorite product is the Belly Butter. I have been using it from the start of my pregnancy and my skin has never looked so radiant. This light fluffy whipped butter is full of rich conditioning ingredients like coconut, avocado and rosehip seed oils, which prevent the skin from feeling itchy while your baby bump grows. It also helps to prevent dreaded stretch marks!

DSC_0171-editedLet me take you through some of the other products I recently tried as well.

DSC_0176-editedMama’s Ritual Aromatherapy Candle is just what a tired mama needs at the end of a long day! The beeswax candle is  slow-burning and air-purifying with just the right amount of essential oils to fill the room with a relaxing, slightly sweet, honey-floral scent. I brought it along on our baby moon in Hawaii in June and lit it out on our lanai each night. It gave off such a gorgeous glow and the scent was so soothing.

DSC_0178-editedThe Refresh Oil is the  perfect pick-me-up for a queasy tummy, motion sickness or an anxious parent. The small roller bottle fits easily in a purse or diaper bag. Made from 100% organic aromatherapy oil, lightly roll the oil behind your ears, on your neck, chest, temples or under nose as needed. Lime peel, ginger and mint refresh and help to de-stress.
I also had the pleasure of trying the Belly Oil. A powerful blend of 100% organic nutrient-rich oils proven to fight stretch marks and scars by aiding in healthy skin cell regeneration and restoring skin’s elasticity.

DSC_0187-editedI have been using the oil on my hips after each shower to help prevent further stretch marks from appearing. When applied on dry or damp skin, the oil seems to provide hydration the entire day though. I also found that it has the most gorgeous scent of roses. The fragrance is very light and refreshing instead of being over powering like some other products I have used.


Zoe Organics also carries a variety of other products like Bath Wash, Baby Oil , Diaper Balm and Insect Repellent. Check out the rest of their product line here.

Find Zoe Organics on Twitter and Facebook.


Photos: Studio 86 Creative Design



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