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IMG_1228          Long before I ever became pregnant I would hear stories from my expectant friends about the crazy cravings they were experiencing. People were running out the door to get pickles and ice cream or waking up at 3am to satisfy their urge for Bar-b-que chips. I haven’t experienced any of this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t get cravings for a Krispy Kreme donut now and again. But that has been going on for years!

What I have really been craving lately is healthy fruits and veggies. Starting my morning with a super smoothie has been a great way for me to pack in all the nutrients this growing baby needs and helps me to stay energized all day long. Because let’s get real, being pregnant is so tiring!! Whether you are expecting or not, this Kale Mixed Berry Smoothie is the perfect start to your day.

Kale is something that is totally new to me. I know it’s been around for ages and is a huge trend in the health world, but after doing a little research on it’s benefits, I was astounded. Talk about being a “superfood”, Kale does it all! Low in calories, high in fibre, anti-inflammatory properties and it packs a serious iron punch. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef. The list goes on and on. You can check out all of its amazing benefits here.


I am a sucker for berries! Black berries…blueberries… you name it, I love it! Berries contain important antioxidants that provide beneficial nutrients for the nervous system and brain health. With the “baby brain” I have been experiencing lately, I need all the berries I can get! IMG_1213IMG_1216Hemp Hearts! Have you tried them? These tasty little guys are the most concentrated and best balanced source of protein, which also contain essential fatty acids and vitamins. Sprinkle them on anything from cereal to quinoa.

Chia seeds are also a new addition to my pantry.  They are loaded with antioxidants, fiber and quality protein. It’s unbelievable how many different ways you can incorporate them into your meals. My friend, Sarah J Cuff, RHN,  tells us the Top 10 ways to use Chia Seeds here. One of my favorites is dipping cut apples slices into peanut butter and then into chia seeds. Makes a great afternoon snack. The texture of the creamy peanut butter and the crunch from the chia seeds is so good!

IMG_1223I also like to add a little bit of Almond Milk and Vanilla Greek Yogurt to sweeten things up. Last but not least, a little bit of Mint, which aids in healthy digestion.


Here is the recipe:


2 cups chopped kale

1 cup frozen mixed berries

2 tablespoon hemp hearts

2 tablespoon chia seeds

1 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk

3 tablespoons vanilla greek yogurt

small handfull of fresh chopped mint leaves

4-6 ice cubes

Put your liquids in the blender first, then add the rest of your ingredients. Blend 1-2 minutes until smooth. Add additional water or milk for a thinner consistency, if preferred. ENJOY!

Photography: By me! Using my Canon EOS Rebel SL1

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