Thriving Moms 2015

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I have to be totally honest. I completely underestimated how hard it was going to be becoming a mother. The struggle is real and it’s constant. Trying to balance a new baby, a happy marriage and a full time business is the hardest thing I have had to do (next to giving birth).  It’s had me questioning myself lately. “Can I do all of this? Am I working too much? What do I really want?  Where are my priorities?  Can I have it all?”  You know, the usual mom guilt we all feel on a daily basis.

When Kate Muker , creator of Conscious Divas, called and asked me to participate as a sponsor for Thriving Moms, it couldn’t have come at a better time. By no means did I feel like a thriving mother after taking on this role less than 5 months prior. I barely know what I am doing, never mind thriving at it! Who am I to tell others how to thrive as a mom?  What I quickly realized was that the opportunity got me thinking about what I needed to thrive as a mother and that was more important. It allowed me the opportunity to evaluate my needs and understand that meeting my own personal dreams and desires can help me to thrive and be a better mother to Esti.

Kate explained the concept of the event and that it would be filled with a panel of inspirational women talking about their journey as mother’s and their own struggles to find balance and thrive. What got me really excited about the opportunity to be involved, was hosting an intimate round table discussion that evening. My role would be to ask some important questions to the 9 lovely ladies at my table and get the conversation started. To create a safe and open environment where everyone was able to share their thoughts, feelings and personal struggles.







The evening turned out better than I could have imagined. You could feel the energy as soon as you walked in the room. Sunlight poured though the windows, but it was the love and support from each mother there that warmed the room that night.  It felt so good to connect with others and openly talk about our struggles, how we could help one another and thrive in those situations.

I was also honored to be able to provide each of the moms  at my table with a gift. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to give them. I wanted to gift something that would help them thrive in their own lives. Recently, I came across a productivity sheet that I found so useful.  I decided to customize it (with the help of my fabulous assistant, Hollie) and make it work better for me. I had them made into pads and provided one to each of the women along with some other fabulous goodies. Sign up to the blog now to receive a downloadable copy of this game-changing productivity pad. If you are already subscribed, lucky you! I’ve already sent you a copy to your inbox. was kind enough to partner with me and provide the women with $25 cash to load onto their new VISA cards and use it to help them thrive. These re-loadable cards are accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.  You only spend the money that you load onto the card, so there is no credit card aftershock when you get your bill and realize you’ve totally overspent. It’s all about living a lifestyle that’s fun and rewarding while staying in control of your spending. Keeping finances in check definitely helps me to thrive and I thought it would help them too! also offered one lucky winner $100 to load onto their card for telling us how they #ThrivewithMOGO on our Instagram account. The winner was announced this morning. Was it you? Find out here.  Check out more about here.

The evening left me feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Even days after the event I was still thinking about the key concepts I took away from many of the women who shared their stories.  What really resonated with me was that “all of the answers you need are within you.” It’s important to take the time to really  listen to yourself, that inner voice, and give yourself what you need. Whether those needs are the same or different than other mother’s around you. Whether that means you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. A helicopter mom or a co-sleeping mom. The list goes on and on… there is no right or wrong. There is only what is right for you, and only you know what that is.

A huge thank you to Kate Muker,  all of the lovely women at my table and to the other fantastic sponsors who made this event possible.
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An even bigger thank you to Vairdy Photography for providing me with the beautiful photos that she captured that evening. You can read her thoughts on the evening here or see what she’s up to now over on Instagram.

Jen XO

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