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NB-Jen-12I have been a long time fan of local Vancouver designer, Nicole Bridger. Her timeless pieces transitioned so well throughout my entire pregnancy (see them here), and I am still able to wear them post baby bump. What I love about Nicole is that she is a mother and social entrepreneur, who strives to make positive contributions within her community and environment through the products she creates and the people she connects with. She is fueled by a desire to create clothes that make all women feel beautiful and unique. Each season Nicole creates her collection around a theme. Last season I was honored to be part of her #iamenough campaign with Raw Beauty Talks. This amazing campaign brought light to the negative inner dialogues that all women have with themselves, and encouraged them to change that voice and believe that they are enough. You can see my blog post about my inner dialogue and the experience I had with the campaign here.

This season Nicole created her line around the idea of ‘keeping steady’.

‘In life we have a natural desire to experience happiness and avoid pain. It is built in us to help us survive. It is inevitable that along the journey of life there will be happy times and hard times.
I feel like we have this unrealistic goal to be happy all the time and that when we are going through a more difficult time it is seen as undesirable. What if instead we were more focused on keeping steady as we move through the ebbs and flows of life? If the goal was to stay centered and deeply connected whether in a joyous period or challenging one? It is just as easy to lose one’s self when experiencing a high as when a low. If we are able to keep steady in either, then we will be connected to a deeper sense of joy no matter the circumstances.  My inspiration for this collection.’  Nicole Bridger


I absolutely love the idea of keeping steady.  I think it applies so well to my life, as I live a good part of it on social media. I find that we are all guilty of sharing only our best selves, our biggest achievements and our happiest moments. But what about when times are hard and I’m feeling low? Many have criticized social media for portraying a fake reality of ourselves.  Who wants to announce to the world our failures and flaws??  Or post a photo of the dark circles under my eyes from sleepless nights with a crying baby? (which seem to be too often these days!)

What is so interesting is that when I have socially shared a hard time in my life or a low point in my day, I have had the most engagement from others and overwhelming support from those who don’t even know me.  We don’t need to make others believe that we are always happy, always positive and always thriving. The truth is that we won’t be and it’s totally ok! It is more important to share those lows, seek support and stay steady with confidence in ourselves that this is just part of our journey and a brighter day is ahead.

I can admit to having  highs and lows since having a baby 4 months ago and trying to stay steady while I learn to love my new body. It’s so easy to get down on oneself after the transformation your body takes from growing a child. Finding pieces that fit well and make you feel good are key.

The Grow Skirt is one of my favorite pieces in Nicole’s new Spring/Summer 2015 collection. This impeccably fit pencil skirt is so versatile, not to mention amazingly comfortable. The fabric is super soft with a great stretch.  It looks fabulous paired with booties and a cropped jacket for a casual day look or your fave pair of heels and silk blouse for a much needed mama’s night out.  Which reminds me, I am long over due for one of those!

Check out the rest of the NEW collection here and see what Nicole is up to over on Instagram!


Hat | Studded Clutch | Tee | Denim Jacket | Skirt | Booties | Necklace and Bracelet

Photography: Kristin Sarna of Studio 86 Creative Design ~ Find her on Instagram

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  • Suzanne
    March 25, 2015

    It looks great on you Jennifer! I adore Nicole Bridger: both the fashion line and the beautiful person she is. I have this same skirt and love how versatile it is. I also paired it with her gorgeous Gabriel Dubois inspired silk blouse. From the Goddess Dress to a scarf, one can’t have too many pieces of Nicole Bridger clothing!

    • Jennifer
      March 27, 2015

      I couldn’t agree more! Once can’t have too many Nicole Bridger pieces. Looking forward to seeing you on April 1st at the Thriving Moms event!

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