Getting Real with RAW Beauty Talks

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by my friends at Nicole Bridger to participate in a new campaign they were creating in collaboration with RAW Beauty Talks. They were keeping all the details a secret and I would know more about it once I was there. All they asked is that I come wearing no makeup.  I felt super excited, as I was very  familiar with the #RAWBeautyTalks Movement and had seen many of my fellow female entrepreneurs take part in their very real and very raw interview series. So of course, I jumped on the opportunity!

For those of you who are not familiar with RAW Beauty Talks, RAW strives to help women from everywhere, find confidence in their raw and unique beauty so they are no longer imprisoned by society’s conventional standards of beauty.

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RAW Beauty Talks Creator, Erin Treloar, started the movement after her life changing experience with an eating disorder as a young adult. After her road to recovery she started the website to help women feel more confident in their beauty so that they can move on with their lives and start using their brilliant minds and caring hearts for more important things. Erin believes that “if we can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of real women (inside and out!) maybe, just maybe it will be that much easier to find beauty in ourselves.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.07.28 AMOnce I had committed to the opportunity I started to feel a little nervous.  I had read through so many inspiring interviews on the RAW website, what could I possibly have to add?

The following week I arrived at Nicole’s Flagship store on 4th to tape a video interview with Erin. It was just Erin, myself and the videograpaher, Darko…. oh, and one really big mirror!

Erin asked me to stand in front of the mirror, looking only at myself and answer her questions as she sat off to the side. Her first question was, “look into the mirror and tell me who you are?” I never expected what happened next.

As I stood there looking into my own eyes, my throat closed up and my eyes started to flood with tears. I was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t even speak. I felt completely exposed. All of a sudden I started to doubt all the things I thought I was. I found myself searching for something to say, anything really….

After what seemed like an eternity I was finally able to muster up something and continued on with the questions.  I’ve always had a pretty strong sense of self confidence and I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way. It wasn’t until  a few days after the interview that it hit me, it was because of her. My baby girl.

With only 5 weeks left until I bring my own daughter into this world, I started thinking, will I be enough for her?

Will I be kind enough?

Will I be patient enough?

Will I be supportive enough?

Will I love her enough?

As a mother, will I be good enough?

How could I ever teach her that she is enough if I am doubting that within myself?

I reached out to a friend of mine who has two daughters herself and I told her what I was feeling. Instantly she reassured me that I would be enough and that she and many other mothers she knows have those feelings on a daily basis. Not only about being a good enough mother and making the right choices, but also about being a good enough partner, a good enough friend, a good enough employee, a good enough business owner, the list goes on and on. Why is it that there is so much negative self talk within ourselves?

After watching the #IAMENOUGH Video I realized I was not alone. Every single woman that was asked to participate had their own internal struggles with not feeling like they were enough. That in itself gave me a huge sense of comfort and the realization that we are all enough!  That the best thing I can do for myself and my new baby girl is to continue to tell myself that #IAMENOUGH and to use that statement as a daily affirmation to continue to strengthen my self confidence and my role as a sister, wife, mother and friend.

In 5 short weeks there will be days where no make up, a spit up on t-shirt, unwashed hair and a heart full of love are going to have to be enough, and you know what, I am ok with that.


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Be part of the movement and come watch the RAW Beauty Talks #IAMENOUGH Video created with Nicole Bridger HERE.

Then enter the #IAMENOUGH contest for your chance to WIN one of five $100 gift certificates to Nicole Bridger. Full contest details here:

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Follow Nicole Bridger on Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Kristine Lee
    October 13, 2014

    You are definitely ENOUGH! You have already shown your unborn daughter your strength and grace with everything that you have already accomplished. Great video, and even greater message. You’re beautiful!

    • Jennifer
      October 14, 2014

      Thank you so much, Kristine! It means so much that you took the time to watch the video and leave a comment. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing support system of women like you, that are there to lift one another up! Much love, JEN XO

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