12 Days of Christmas DIY Advent Calendar

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DIY_ADVENT-CALENDARLike every year, I had the best intentions of creating an amazing DIY Advent Calendar for the month of December. With so many gorgeous handmade inspirations on Pinterest right now, the crafty me was excited to start cutting and pasting to kick off the season with a fun holiday activity. Insert reality here.

Needless to say, it was December 2nd when the unorganized me realized that I had missed the chance to bring these DIY dreams to reality once again. Then I got thinking…. “maybe I am not the only one who missed the memo that December is in full swing!”  So, running with the “let’s make this work for us” mentality I have adopted lately, I decided that we didn’t need an advent calendar for the FULL month… why not one for just 12 days?!  We can still enjoy the fun of the daily surprises leading up to Christmas, without having to wait until next year. Half the work, half the effort….100% of the end result!

Who needs the added pressure of deadlines during the holidays? If you want to make this a 5 day or 10 day advent calendar….do it! It really is all about the fun of creating one and making it work for you, your family, your schedule, and your life!

Here is what we used to create this fun little holiday project! Red, pale pink, textured pink, kraft, robbin’s egg blue and sparkly opal construction paper purchased at Michael’s craft store. We also chose some fun embellishments like sparkly snow flakes, pearlized pink adhesive dots, pink and red pom poms, and cute little winter mitten stickers that Esti wouldn’t let go of!

We picked out a circle punch and some glittery numbered stickers to create each “day” from 1-12.  Get out the glue gun and some scissors too!

We used the lid of our largest cooking pot to trace out large circles on the construction paper. Then we cut them in half and folded and glued each individual half to make each tree. Apply your favorite decorations or just leave them plain with a pom pom on top. Either look is really cute and a mix of both makes for fun variety once they are all lined up.

Here’s a tip! We recommend waiting to glue on the circle cut outs and applying the numbers until after you have organized your trees on the mantle. If you have already applied the numbers, you may end up with all of the same colored trees grouped at one end. This way you can spread out all of the colors evenly, get them into your desired position and then apply the numbers in order.


Now for the fun part.  Deciding what to put under each little tree! With so many amazing ideas, there is one that is perfect for you and your family.  Whether it is filled with small sweet treats or little gifts, the creativity can be endless.  If it is just for you and your spouse, you could leave 12 little love notes, each day with a new reason why you love them so much!  I have seen some filled with a good deed for each day, as well as random acts of kindness that the entire family can participate in!  I think a mix of everything would be so much fun and really help to get the entire family into the spirit of the holidays.

Did you make a DIY Holiday Advent this year? Leave us a comment below with ideas and inspirations for next year!

Happy Holidays!

  • Meg
    December 9, 2015

    Ahhhhhhhdorable! What a great idea…and it certainly couldn’t be cuter :)

    • Jennifer
      December 10, 2015

      Thanks, Meg! It was so fun to make and I can’t wait to make this a yearly tradition!

  • Cher T.
    December 9, 2015

    Such a cute idea! The kids would love this.

    • Jennifer
      December 10, 2015

      Thank you, Cher! I am sure the kids would love to help create one as much as they would love opening each day’s surprise!

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